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    4 aprilie 2019
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    KFJ Agriconsult/Adviser offers services. total country of Romania. 
    Plan for crops.
    Plan for fertilizers. 
    Protecting crops. 
    Perform the plan for 3 months. 
    Provide full farm management. 
    Also, give your opinion, if you want, how can we optimize work. 
    First visit, pay for travel + 100 euros. 
    You accept my offer, the payment will be in accordance with the agreement. 
    When there is a contract. Tip and answer questions via phone and free email. 
    Contact me by email or phone. 
    I can communicate verbally in English. 

    One of my client search land for rent or buy, 100-200 Ha 
    Max 30 km from Mizil.

    I am also interested in finding a job as Manager / Administrator on farm in Romania. 8 years experience from Romanian Agriculture. In my previous job as Manager / Administrator for 3300 ha, have experience with Kadastra, Apia, change land. Experience from Wheat, Corn, Sunflower, Lucerne, Barley. 
    Store grain, dry grain, make seed, clean and treat.

    Număr de telefon: +40735779734
    Email: kfj@kfj.mx
    Adresă: Toată țara,