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    Manager/agronom/cautare de locuri de munca, experiența de 8 ani din agricultura romaneascăunverified ad

    7 iunie 2019
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    I am looking for a job. Farm Manager, Field Manager, CEO, Site manager, Consultant in Agriculture. I am also used to work with tractor, combine and other machinery for agriculture. Prefer to find work around 100 km from Buzău, if necessary accept longer distance and also travel.

    My name is Kjeld Flemming Jensen, 70 year. Origin from Denmark, where I get my education as Farmer/Agronomic, work on different farms and company who made service for agriculture.

    In 2002 I moved to Slovakia, work as Crop manager, for new Danish Company, they rent 3000 ha, with Sunflower, Corn, Soy, wheat and Rape and start a pig production.

    In 2006 get a job in Latvia, as Consultant for Danish owner, 3000 ha, Wheat, Rape and Barley, in 2011 the owner want to take over all the management, so we agree that I could find a new job. So 2011 get a job as Site Manager/Administrator for Amaru Trade, a part of Agri Consortium, Danish invest company, I stop in Amaru Trade 01.06. 2018, farm was near Buzău, 3300 ha, Rape, Wheat, Soya and alfa alfa.

    I live in small village, Vintileanca, married with Romanian woman. My experience is all round in Agriculture, Cereal for consum, for seed, crop protection, management of people, experience about APIA, rent and buy land as well. Buy and sell product. I will attach my CV and a letter from Consultant who was support me in Amaru Trade.

    And if there are any question, please ask. 8 years experience from Romanian agriculture. Also experience from produce off seed. Experience from management of Danish Conventional crop production 13 year. Organic crop and milk production 3 year. Production of Lucerne, pellet and hay, 3 year.
    Production of feed, for cows, corn Silage, distribution of feed and manure, 3 year.
    Farm manager, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, 16 year, 8 year as Administrator.

    I can communicate in Romanian language as well.

    Kjeld Flemming Jensen

    E mail ​[email protected]

    Mobil +40735779734

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    Număr de telefon: +40735779734
    Email: kfj@kfj.mx
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